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  • Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries by Heather Fawcett has an exclusive cover colourway, stenciled fore-edge design as well as solid sprayed top and bottom edges, foiled design on the hardcover by @chattynora and endpaper art by @kudriaken. It is also signed by the author!

8 thoughts on “FAERIE LORE

  1. I have sent an email but never got a response, would you guys be restocking this book?

  2. I have recevied the overlay in my YA box, but as I am not subscribed to the Adult Book only, I don’t really have a use for them. However, I would be interested in purchasing the book if it were added in the Fairy Trove

    1. Same here – how incredibly dumb of an item to include in the October 2023 YA box – there’s be barely any people for who this item is relevant for. I’m really disappointed in this item, which is completely useless to me. Overlays should only be for the book of that month/box.

  3. Agreed! I even bought a copy from Amazon because I didn’t realize I was supposed to have a copy from fairy loot…then I come here when the overlays don’t match, and it’s not even available to buy? What a waste of money!

  4. Please restock

  5. Please restock!! I am late to the game reading this book but loved it and would love to get this edition :”)

  6. This book really needs a restock since the inlays were part of the ya box but the book wasn’t since it was an adult only sub. In addition because these inlays are specifically tailored for the FL edition they don’t even fit my regular version of the book so now I just have completely useless inlays. It’s disappointing since the artwork is beautiful but this item is completely useless to me and I’d imagine for a lot of others who get the ya box but are still on the wait list for the adult only sub like me or to those who can’t afford both. It’s incredibly frustrating. If this does ever come back into stock I’ll purchase it but at this moment I have an absolutely useless item that is just simply a waste of money.

  7. Please restock this book! There is definitely interest in it!!

  8. Just heard about this book edition. Looks lovely and story had good reviews.

    Would love to get a copy.

  9. Please restock this one! It’s impossible to find and I know many of us would love a matching set now that you’ve released your beautiful edition of the sequel.

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